Colonoscopy Prep Instructions

Good preparation (prep) is important. If your doctor cannot see inside your colon he/she may reschedule your procedure. Please read all the prep instructions and follow them carefully, or you may need to repeat the procedure and possibly have a second co-payment.
Call us immediately if:
  • You are immobile and need assistance walking.
  • You weigh more than 300 pounds.
  • You have an automatic internal defibrillator

If You take Medications:

  • If you take the following blood thinners: Clopidogrel (Plavix®), Dabigatran (Pradaxa®), Rivaroxaban (Xarelto®), Apixaban (Eliquis®), Ticlopidine (Ticlid®), Prasugrel (Effient®), Edoxaban (Savaysa®), Heparin, Lovenox, Ticagrelor (Brilinta®), Warfarin (Coumadin®), aspirin, or any other blood thinners or anticoagulants, call your doctor immediately to determine when to stop these medications and if it is safe for you to do so. The doctor who prescribed the medication has their contact information on the label of your medication. Also, if you had a stent placed or suffered a stroke within the last year, call your doctor for instructions.
  • Do not stop taking aspirin if it was recommended by your physician.
  • If you have diabetes, keep taking your medication as normal during the clear liquid diet. Be sure to monitor your blood sugar levels. Do not take your medication on the morning of your appointment, but bring it with you because you will need to take it after your procedure.
  • Continue taking all other medications unless your doctor tells you something different.

Preparing For Your Procedure

  • Be sure you received your specific, personalized instructions from Mt. View Surgery Center for your type of bowel preparation. Follow these instructions carefully in addition to the instructions given here. Pick up your colonoscopy bowel prep medication from the pharmacy within 2 weeks of scheduling your appointment. If you wait too long to pick it up, it may no longer be reserved for you at your pharmacy.
  • If you are repeating your procedure because of poor prep or have been instructed to follow a low-residue diet, for 5 full days before starting your clear liquid diet: Do not eat foods that are hard to digest—such as nuts, seeds, corn, fruits with seeds, or fiber supplements. Peel the skin off all fruits and vegetables before eating. These types of foods can potentially interfere with the preparation medication.
  • Stop taking iron supplements for 5 days before your appointment (continue taking after the procedure or as instructed by your doctor).

Clear Liquid Diet

  • No solid food the whole day before your procedure! You will be drinking/eating a clear liquid diet only (nothing red, blue, or purple in color). Basically, if you can see through it, you can have it. A clear liquid diet includes:
    • Soft drinks and sports drinks (7-Up, Ginger Ale, Coke, Pepsi, Orange Soda, Gatorade)
    • Clear juices with no pulp (apple, white grape, white cranberry)
    • Limeade or lemonade without pulp
    • Kool-Aid, Jell-O /gelatin, popsicles (no red, blue, or purple)
    • Black coffee (no creamer)
    • Tea (no creamer)
    • Chicken or vegetable broth with no food particles
    • No milk products. No solid foods. No alcohol. No fruits, vegetables, or frozen concentrated liquids with pulp or food particles. Nothing red, blue, or purple.
  • Follow the instructions that Mt. View Surgery Center sends you for drinking your specific bowel preparation method, in addition to these instructions.
  • The more fluids you can drink, the better the preparation will work, and you will also be less dehydrated.

The Day of Your Procedure

  • No solid food today. Do not drink anything, or chew gum, or eat mints, or smoke/vape for 4 hours before your appointment time. Take your daily medications (with the exception of blood thinner or diabetes medication) as instructed with a small sip of water up to 4 hours before your appointment (unless your doctor gives you other instructions).
  • Bring your insurance card, photo ID, and list of current medications to your appointment. If you are diabetic, bring your diabetes medication with you as well.
  • You must have ONE responsible adult driver accompany you the day of your procedure. You will not be able to drive for 12 hours because of the sedation medication. Your driver must CHECK IN with you at the front desk and STAY with you until discharged. Please do not bring additional family members as we have limited seating. We can not discharge you to a taxi, bus, or Uber/Lyft driver unless you are accompanied by a responsible adult.