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Your doctor has requested that you have an appointment for a colonoscopy. For the doctor to be
able to make a good diagnosis it is important that your colon is completely clean. To get your
colon clean, you will need to take a preparation.

1. If you are immobile and need assistance walking
2. If you weigh more than 300 lbs
3. If you have an automatic internal defibrillator


1. STOP ALL FOOD The days before your exam from the moment you get up in the morning. You will be on a clear liquid diet the entire day. You may have all the clear liquids you like. Anything clear such as water, 7-Up or Ginger Ale, fruit juices (apple or white grape), Jell-O, coffee (no creamer), tea or Gatorade. Please NO RED OR
2. At 6:00 PM the day before your procedure pour one 6oz bottle of SUPREP into the mixing container. Add cold water to the 16oz line in the container. Mix contents and drink all the liquid within 10 minutes. Follow with at least 32 more ounces of water.
3. CONTINUE DRINKING CLEAR LIQUIDS. The more fluids you can drink, the better the preparation will work and you will also be less dehydrated.
4. You may apply a petroleum based product or diaper rash ointment to the rectal area if
you experiece discomfort from frequent stools.



1. YOU WILL NEED TO STOP blood thinners such as COUMADIN and PLAVIX 5(five) days before the exam. Please check with your primary doctor before stopping your Coumadin or Plavix. Stop all aspirin and aspirin products 5 days before the procedure.

2. If you are diabetic, DO NOT TAKE your diabetes medication the morning of your exams. You may want to bring some of your regular diabetes medication with you in case you need to take it soon after your procedure.

3. PLEASE TAKE ALL of your other regular medications (expect those listed above) the
day before the procedure.

1. SIX HOURS BEFORE you arrive for your procedure, repeat the process with the 2nd bottle of SUPREP and follow with another 32 ounces of water. If you have an early appointment, this means you will need to start drinking the solution as early as 3:00 A.M.

2. It is okay to continue drinking clear liquids up until 4(four) hours before the exam. However NOTHING TO DRINK, INCLUDING WATER 4 HOURS BEFORE YOUR CHECK IN TIME.

3. BE SURE TO TAKE ALL YOUR REGULAR MEDICATIONS EXCEPT diabetes medicines, aspirin products, and blood thinners. You must have ONE responsible adult accompany you and stay on the premises the day of the procedure. NO BUSES, NO TAXIS alone

4. Because of the medication given to you for the procedure you WILL NOT be permitted to drive 12 hours afterward. You must have ONE responsible adult accompany you and stay on the premises the day of the procedure. NO BUSES, NO TAXIS alone

5. Please do not bring children under the age of 16 to the facility. Please bring with you a list of all current medications, your insurance card, and a photo ID. If you are paying cash, please make arrangements. If you have any questions feel free to call the office at (909)796-7803